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Ameriden Rosavin Plus Siberian Rhodiola Rosea Herb

Ameriden Rosavin Plus Siberian Rhodiola Rosea Herb

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90 capsules/bottle 150mg/cap
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Thirty-five years of rigorous clinical studies have resulted in the newest cutting edge nutraceutical for mood elevation as well as physical performance. Introducing Rosavin ™ from Ameriden .

ROSAVIN ™- "THE ONLY RHODIOLA ROSEA Product To Be Used In U. S. Clinical Case Studies!"


What is Rosavin ™? Rhodiola rosea, trademarked Rosavin ™, is derived from the arctic regions of eastern Siberia. It is one of the more fascinating plant species in the world although quite unknown in the United States. It is the plant's roots that provide adaptogenic characteristics. An adaptogen offers varied physiological support to numerous systems in the body. Rosavin ™ provides extraordinary therapeutic benefits: It has been cited for extending longevity, physical endurance as well as resistance to high altitude sickness. Rosavin ™ also demonstrates anti-depressant qualities.

History and Science: Siberians commonly state that "…People who drink Rhodiola tea will live to be more than 100." Little was known about Rhodiola rosea until 1931. It was then that Dr. L. Utkin, a Russian botanist and nutritionist, discovered that the plant augmented sexual potency. Later, in 1947, the Russian scientist Professor Lasarev determined that Rhodiola rosea actually helped increase the body's resistance to numerous environmental stressors.

In all areas, subjects tested have shown improvement in overall physical and mental states after taking as little as 100 mg per day. Additionally, patients with pronounced depressive states from various origins have displayed marked therapeutic improvement.

What does Rosavin ™ offer?

~ Adaptogen properties ~ Helps maintain energy levels ~ Helps improve endurance levels ~ May improve protein metabolism ~ Assists in increasing attention span ~ Helps memory & mental performance ~ May increase physical strength & mobility ~ Demonstrates increased circulation to brain ~ Shortens recovery after workouts ~ May help fight depression & emotional stress

Who should consider using Rosavin ™?

~ Anyone who is subject to the blues, depression, anxiety. (SADS) ~ Anyone seeking increased mental alertness. ~ Those prone to Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. ~ Athletes or those involved with sports or physical activities. ~ Anyone wishing to increase sexual stamina


There are at least 200 species of Rhodiola in the world and they differ in their chemical make-up. However, the species Rhodiola rosea is only found in a few remote areas of Europe and Asia. Certain products containing Rhodiola rosea have been distributed in the United States for almost 10 years, but they have not had the pronounced effect of Rosavin . The reason Rosavin is having such a dramatic effect on people is due to its origin and the proprietary process in which it is manufactured.

Rosavin is Siberian Rhodiola rosea that has been hydroponically grown. This is very important because the correct amount of Rosavin, Rosin, Rosarin and Salidroside, unless controlled, alters with the season and when consumed can change the entire response to the body.

Of the Rhodiola rosea products on the market today, only Rosavin (Siberian Rhodiola rosea), processed by Dr. Zakir Ramanzanov's proprietary process, has shown to produce the desired results now seen by many doctors here in the U. S.

Beware; many Rhodiola rosea products coming into this country are not Rhodiola rosea at all, but a completely different species. Some claiming to be Rhodiola rosea contain very little rosavin and high amounts of heavy metals.

Why is ROSAVIN™ different?

~ Rosavin™ is produced only from Siberian Rhodiola rosea. ~ Rosavin™ is not wild-crafted, but hydroponically grown. ~ Rosavin™ contains the perfect balance of rosavin, rosin, rosarin, and salidroside. ~ Rosavin™ is a trademark of AMERIDEN International. ~ Rosavin™ is in use by hundreds of doctors nationwide.

The statements set forth have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are only intended for information purposes. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your healthcare provider before using any health or dietary supplement.

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