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Buzz In a Bottle: Cayenne Pepper Tincture    (This makes a great gift for the pepper enthusiast!)

Add a spicy zing to your drinks - food - sweets!   Please only use one (1) drop and then add more.

A blend of my favorite African, Indian, and American Peppers, alcohol (50%)  ~  Very Hot

“Enjoy my Cayenne Pepper Tincture, which has been said to be the best and safest stimulant know to man.  Spicy is as spicy does, just a drop, you’ll get a BUZZ!”  Demian - The Walrus Peppermeister

Capsicum is an tryed and true remedy that can aid in improving circulation. It’s long term use can also aid in; reducing inflimation, purifying the blood, promoting healing and infection. Capsicum pepper can aid in enhancing the health of the circulatory and digestive system by increasing the flow of enzymes.

Let's toast with the Mad Hatter’s Night Cap Shall We? With Buzz in a Bottle Cayenne Pepper Tincture!!!!



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